6 Weeks Program

Fatigued. Stress. Feeling Overworked.

A lot of us feel like we are not getting enough done, always running from one thing to the next and feeling our energy levels quickly getting drained.

We want to offer you this natural and effortless solution to feel energised and help you break out of this cycle.

Here’s our challenge to you:

Take one hour this week, have a float, and decide for yourself. Make time on your busy schedule to try something new and measure how you feel before and after.

Find out if float therapy is the thing that finally allows you to feel at peace. If you choose to take us on this challenge we will guarantee you will feel like a new person. If you decide to sign up for the program on the day, we are happy to offer it as a free introductory float.

Book a free 15-min in person / zoom consultation to understand more:

Float therapy is one the best ways in the modern era to completely let go, release and decompress. Studies have shown that the effects of just one float session can leave you feeling less anxious, more relaxed and happier. If you have never tried it before, you’re going to love the way you feel after multiple sessions.

What if we told you that simple tweaks to your mindset would help you feel better and be happier all at the same time? What if there was a way to manage 80% of your stress with these simple habit changes? We brought in 6 wellness experts to find the top habits you can implement to feel better fast. This is a simple guidance for you to achieve and enter the “stress free” zone at will.

Have you ever set goals and not stuck with the plan? We are going to be with you all the way through the program to support you, keep you on track and hold you accountable to your goals. We will ensure that you have all the resources necessary to achieve your goals and lower your reaction to stress in this journey.

Free bonus you will receive

Gift card of a 60 minutes float session

Joy of sharing. Give it to family and friends that will truly benefit and they will appreciate you for thinking about them.

Welcome Pack

  1. A bag of Epsom Salt, use it for a bath or foot soak for relaxation.
  2. Float Co. Journal, as a blank canvas to provide space for you to organize your thoughts and self-reflect. Use it as a great tool to express and to free up any tension that prevents you from feeling happy.
  3. Float Co. tote bag and a coffee mug, accompanying you in life.


Before starting the Stress Relief program, my body was broken. I was teary, short-tempered, not sleeping and covered in a rash as a response to high stress levels. Medication was not fixing the problem and I knew I had to find an alternative long-term solution to dealing with my stress, rather than the short term fixes I had been opting for. Each week of the Stress Relief program I listened to the expert speaker video before my float. I kept a journal and wrote down the things that I connected with the most. I tried to take one piece of advice from the videos each week and apply it to my day-to-day life. The result – the rash has gone, I am less emotional and reactive, and I am controlling my stress levels rather than letting stress control me.
      Kylie Harrison – (Teacher and Fitness instructor)

Those 6 weeks were magical! I went in knowing that floating weekly would be so good for me. I really liked having a theme and intention for each week’s float too. Normally when I have floated in the past, I just wanted to relax or take a nap, but the videos gave me something to think about and focus on during the float that week.
      Jessica Lee (yoga teacher)


  1. What is the consultation for? We will be finding out more about your goals, where your stress comes from and determining the best path forward to help you manage stress in natural and healthy ways.
  2. Will I be floating after the consultation? In the consultation, we will work out together a weekly float therapy schedule for the next 6 weeks. We are committed to helping you to develop a habit of having regular mental health time for yourself and to put quality rest into your routine as well.
  3. How is this program different from your other float packages? Upon completion of this program, you will appreciate how float therapy is more than just a one-off relaxation experience. It is a form of therapy that gives you a promising effect to allow you to finally feel at peace.This program is very different from our regular float packages. Not only it helps you to gain a different focus for your weekly float therapy sessions, we also brought in 6 wellness experts to help you to implement some of the best simple habit changes to help you feel better fast, so you would not react to stress the same way as before.
  4. I’ve tried lots of different methods already, is this going to help me? You might have tried a lot of different methods already, such as a massage or taking a walk, these are usually enough to lower stress temporarily. But doing these one time does not give you an opportunity for a full reset of your body and mind, and you could further spiral down with more stressors in life.This program is put together to break your stress cycle, and to help you feel good by equipping you with the best tools to manage stress in life. We have put together weekly float therapy, stress relief coaching and accountability, that serve as a strong pillar to make you feel empowered and at ease.

Book a free 15-min in person / zoom consultation to understand more: