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At FLOAT Co. we let you choose the colour in your room

Special Benefits for Members

Perfect for anyone who loves the incredible benefits of floating and is looking to get the fantastic results that come with regular practice.
Below are a few things you will be able to enjoy as a FLOAT Co. Member:
  • Priority Booking As a Member you are ensured Priority Booking for your requested Float Session.
  • Complimentary Birthday Float We would like to help you Float seamlessly into your next year by gifting you a complimentary session on us.
  • Monthly Float With A New Friend Every month, Members are welcome to bring one new friend to come, share and enjoy the Float Experience with them.
  • Exclusive Dreamscapes Menu This exclusive Dreamscapes Menu allows our Members to delve deeper into their Float experience. From guided meditations, to music that will help you drift away.
With only a short term contract and the ability to suspend your membership after 6 months, our Lifestyle program is the best way to go! Visit our centre and start your membership today!

Visit our centre and start your membership today!


Starter Pack

Use in 1 month to discover the amazing benefits

3 floats in 1 month

HK$500 per float


Sharable Pack

Share with unlimited people, float anytime in 12 months

5 floats

HK$680 per float


10 floats

HK$580 per float


Lifestyle Membership Program

Float regularly to nourish your body and mind

1 float per month, HK$500

HK$500 / month

2 floats per month, HK$450

HK$900 / month

4 floats per 4 weeks, HK$400

HK$1,600 / cycle

Or try Single Float

HK$ 800 per float
  • Our float sessions are 60 minutes to give you plenty of time to stay there long enough to maximize the benefits. This is standard, non-discounted individual float.
Single Float

Float Packs

Float More for Less

Ideal for anyone who is constantly traveling or with a busy work schedule. Our float packs are designed for you to come and Float anytime you are available.

Shareable 10 Pack


Share with unlimited people

Use in 12 months 

10 sessions

HK$580 per float


Shareable 5 Pack

Share with unlimited people

Use in 12 months 

5 sessions

HK$680 per float


Give Gift of Health

Give the gift of relaxation, recovery, meditation and more to your loved ones

Ideal Gift

How to Book

  1. REGISTER. If it’s your first time floating with us fill in our registration form and create to an account.
  2. BOOK. Choose which day and time works for you. You can do this online or simply send us a WhatsApp to make a booking.
  3. SHOW UP. Come at least 30 minutes prior to your booking and our friendly staff will set you up for a great session and answer any questions you may have.
  4. FLOAT. Enter your float room, shower and enjoy your experience.
  5. RELAX. After your float rinse off the Epsom salts, get changed, grab some tea, sit and chill, reflect. Talk and share your experience and enjoy your POST FLOAT GLOW.