Why We Float

Why We Float?

People are drawn to floating for many benefits like, relief from physical discomfort, stress relief, personal development, or simply for peace and tranquility.

Inevitably, most people end up harnessing some combination of the many reported benefits. The most common testimonials are profound peace and relaxation, deep concentration and heightened creativity.

We recommend floating weekly for the best results!

Senses Break

Every Second, our senses take in 11,000,000 bits of information. Cutting the sensory input for just 1 hour can give your brain a break from the over stimulated environment of todays world .


Magnesium is a mineral that is essential for health and up to 70% of people don’t have enough in their body. Floating in 500kg or magnesium sulphate can give you the boost you need and help with a host of heath benefits including, better sleep, pain relief and a mood boost.


Gravity is a constant force on our body. Giving yourself a break from gravity allows your muscles and soft tissue to relax and release tension that you build up over time.


Most people float laying down from the start – but the transition to floating can be an individual and peaceful practice. Take your time. Enjoy the water.
We had a great time with the team from China Daily who did an interview at FLOAT Co. to understand the benefit of Floatation Therapy and they posted a great video. Check it out.
We are always so happy to see friends meet at FLOAT Co. and enjoy time by themselves and time with each other at our place!

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