Why We Float

Why Float?

People are drawn to floating to find relief from physical discomfort and stress, encourage personal development, or simply for some peace and tranquility.

Inevitably, most people end up harnessing some combination of the many reported benefits. The most common testimonials are profound peace and relaxation, deep concentration and heightened creativity. 

Float regularly for best results!


Floating reportedly can help you create a deeper connection with your baby. What is commonly referred to as the ‘mirror effect’, is the connection of the baby floating in the mother’s womb, and the mother floating in the womb of a tank. This communal and spiritual connection for the mother is something that can bring immense joy and pleasure.

Pregnancy can be a very special timer for a mom-to-be, yet there is also the physical effects that may make this time quite difficult. Float therapy can allow you to find deep relaxation during a period of constant discomfort. You can escape the added weight of pregnancy through the perfectly buoyant water and give your body and spine a rest. For a brief moment, all of the pressure on your lungs, organs that can be affecting your breathing and sleeping can be alleviated. Your body will also absorb tons of magnesium to help with the aches and pains and reduce immflamuation.

Floating as a pregnant mom-to-be can be an absolutely precious time.

Deep Meditation

Floating has been fondly referred to as the “fast-track version of meditation”. Inside the pod, your brain doesn’t have to process any incoming information from your five senses and you easily slip into a relaxed state. It becomes much easier to access your subconscious mind opened up and available. For well-practiced meditators, it can take years to enter theta state while remaining consciously aware. With floating, you can learn to do this after just a few hour long sessions. Practicing meditation inside the tank can help you get much better acquainted with the space between your thoughts- consciousness, spirit, the Divine, God…

John C. Lilly, philosopher and the inventor of float tanks, believed that float tanks were the gateway to unlocking the potential of the mind. Floating can lead to lucid dreams, altered states of consciousness, and even vivid hallucinations. Come to dive deep within and get intimately aware of your Self.


Floating can unlock the gateway to your deep subconscious and give you access to a different state of awareness. People have reported encountering creative bursts and new kinds of mental clarity after having spent an hour in the pod. It can help you get in touch with an inner part of yourself, to give rise to amazing things.

Performance & Sports Recovery

If you’re an athlete and looking for an effective way for injury recovery and soreness, a float can provide immediate relief for you after one session. Floating also improves sleep and can be your instant recovery after a rough game.

Aside from helping with physical ailments, floating can also boost up your mental awareness to improve performance. Floating regularly for a few weeks can develop mental clarity and concentration which crucial game changers to enhancing your performance. On top of that, the environment of a float tank is optimal for effective visualization. You’re removed from all of your senses to be entirely alone with your thoughts. This can be perfect for creating a powerful vision of utter clarity.

Stress Relief

Floating triggers your physiological relaxation response – also known as rest and digest. In the busy city we live in, we are bombarded with input and thus frequently operate in fight-or-flight mode, an endless cycle of stress and automatic reactions. If we don’t take the time to reset, we can drive ourselves to burnout and severe exhaustion.

Floating for even 30 minutes can allow your body to reset itself and clean up the cortisol and adrenaline in your system.

For those of us dealing with chronic stress, even an hour in this state can do amazing things for our system. The effects in our body are long-lasting and it can leave us feeling recharged for days.


For those with chronic pain conditions or injuries, feeling comfortable in one’s own body can get difficult. Float tanks can provide immediate relief for those struggling with pain and muscle tension.

Floaters suffering from fibromyalgia have reported experiences floating as “my first pain-free day in weeks” and gradual improvement in symptoms of pain following multiple floats. Being in a float tank is an amazing place to help you separate yourself from your pain and give you the chance to get in touch with yourself again.

Some other common symptoms of chronic pain include higher stress levels, difficulty sleeping, and even depression and anxiety. With the ‘reset’ that float therapy can provide, one session can induce deep rest and eliminate fatigue.

If you happen to have an injury and a weak spot in your body, floating can let you explore your area of pain and release tension in the area without physical movement. This is because the weightlessness of floating gives you the freedom to feel through the more sensitive parts of your body. You may find yourself able to stretch out a muscle or provide relief to an area that is usually numb or difficult to feel.

Better Sleep & Insomnia

If you suffer from anxiety and insomnia, you may feel very difficult to have time to separate yourself from your thoughts and to have some peace of mind. Most of us have had days or weeks even where we can’t seem to shut our brain off. Our inability to stop thinking is likely worsened by chaotic and over stimulating environments. Modern research recommends practices like yoga or meditation to help cultivate stillness, Unfortunately for those struggling the most with being unable to chill out and stop thinking, trying to start these practices become the most difficult.

Floating can be the perfect remedy for this, as it induces a relaxation response in your body and causes your brainwaves to slow down. You move from a high-functioning beta state that we usually function in day to day, to the meditative and peaceful theta state. By spending even 45 minutes in this state, you can gradually gain more mental awareness and head-space without having to facially control your thoughts. This can put a significant ease to your well-being and help you develop a more centered awareness.


Floating is one of the speediest ways to get your circadian system back in rhythm. This helps you body create enough melanin to get back into rhythm.

Flotation therapy minimizes the effects of jet lag by allowing you to get deeply rested in a short period of time.


Most people float laying down from the start – but the transition to floating can be an individual and peaceful practice. Take your time. Enjoy the water.
We had a great time with the team from China Daily who did an interview at FLOAT Co. to understand the benefit of Floatation Therapy and they posted a great video. Check it out.
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